FFLEUR cosmetics are produced according to unique recipes developed in a pharmaceutical environment, using all-natural ingredients carefully selected to protect, nourish and preserve the youth and beauty of your skin.

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Our desire to keep up with the times, sometimes even ahead of it, and confirmation of this are the numerous developments and innovations, on the other hand, the quality and development over the years.

About us

Ffleur cosmetics belongs to the mass market category and the company does not set itself the task of competing with expensive brands, although there is also a professional line. First of all  the brand sets itself the following goal: optimal price-quality ratio, which makes the decorative cosmetics “ffleur”; an excellent choice for everyday makeup. Huge assortment, rich color palette, modern design, beautiful packaging and long-lasting results make Fleur products one of the most popular in their market segment.

The products attract with their variety and durability.


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